After getting bail for Dileep on the case of Molestation towards the popular actress, several people including actors came forward to support him. A huge crowd of fans were gathered together and welcomed Dileep. Social media’s also filled with posts against those who said against Dileep. Rima Kallingal, who stand with the victim from the first day of the issue who is also the representative of Women Collective in Cinema (WCC) also faced such attacks from the fans.

Now┬áRima Kallingal came forward with a screen shot, which abuses those who supported the victim and said against Dileep. She say’s her friend , who was brutally attacked on February 17th , and who is seeing and listening to everything that is happening around her ever since, send her a screenshot of this FB post. It was posted by a Facebook page named Loser’s Media, which states that the real quotation is just to begin. They also quotes those feminists who said against him will suffer soon. The admins of that page already removed that post and said sorry through there page, but still it’s screen shot is roaming around the social medias.

Rima says it’s time to stand with the real men. Save them from those kind of people who bused the girl who wrote negative review for Pulimurugan, those who made Lichy cry on the Facebook and those who make such Facebook post and abuse the girls supporting the victim. She says’ those people who distribute sweets out side the jail and copy paste from fake profiles like cowards are not the real men of our society.

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