What’s all these skills when you don’t have grace and dignity, asks Kaniha over the issue on insulting Dhansika. The incident happend at a press meet for Vizhithiru, an upcoming thriller film starring Sai Dhansika, Krishna Kulasekaran, Venkat Prabhu and others. During her speech, Dhansika spoke about her experience of acting in the film, she also thanked a few people who’d worked on it but left out T Rajendar.

TR launched a series of insulting word on Dhansika for not mentioning him on her speech. He said she forgotten him because she’d worked in a Rajinikanth film. She then apologies to him and even fell on his feet. TR didn’t listen to her and continues the insult. The other persons on the stage were laughing and clapping for the comments he made. At the end of the speech she seems broken and went on to tears.



After this incident many celebrities were came out supporting Dhansika. Social media’s filled with trolls and posts against TR, they also trolled venkat Prabhu and other persons present at the stage. Now popular South Indian actress Kaniha came forward with a post on her Facebook profile supporting Dhansika. She wrote :

“I always thought and believed that with age and experience comes grace and the ability to forgive..but I’m surprised at Mr TR’s immaturity..the way he’s insulting and lashing out the actress #Dhansika not at all fair..not just because shes the only woman out there..if he really meant to pass on stage etiquette he could have shared this with her personally backstage..”

“When you weigh ones professional skills against ones personality..its the latter that wins..TR may be a director,music composer,lyricist,singer,dancer but whats all these skills when you dont have grace and dignity..”

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