Watch the Official Trailer of upcoming Malayalam Comedy movie ‘ Himalayathile Kashmalan ‘, that introduces 52 new faces to screen. Movie’s plot is about a man who gets trapped in a situation and how his three friends try to rescue him. It later snowballs into the issue of an entire village. Movie Directed by Abhiram Suresh Unnithan, Cinematography by Jemin Jom Ayyaneth, Edited by Ramu Raveendran and Aravind Gopal, Music & Original Score by Aravind Chandrasekhar, Produced by Nandu Mohan, Anand Radhakrishnan and Arunima Abhiram Unnithan under the banner of Over The Moon Films. Muzik247 is the official music partner.

Directed By : Abhiram Suresh Unnithan
Screenplay By : Abhiram Suresh Unnithan, Nandu Mohan, Anand Radhakrishnan
Produced By : Abhiram Suresh Unnithan,Nandu Mohan, Anand Radhakrishnan
Cast: Jins Baskar, Anand Manmadhan, Chandhu Nair, Dheeraj Denny, Anoop Ramesh


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