Team CIA released one documentary video which shot during the shooting at US. Comrade in America is Kerala’s stylish director Amal Neerad’s latest flick starring Dulquer Salman in lead role. It’s second time he playing a lead character in Amal Neerad’s movie, previously they joined for “Kullante Barya” a short film among the five films in “5 Sundarikal”.

Dulquer Salman Shared this video on his Facebook wall and wrote :
“Here’s a little documentary video Team Comrade in America – CIA put together. These were the actual places we shot at. And on one day of shoot we actually came across a huge group of people who crossed over the border illegally. Entire families who had sold all their belongings. It was an unbelievable sight and heart breaking to see the real side to something we were trying to capture on screen.

All of the footage shown are what was captured by our team. This isn’t stock footage.”

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