The latest buzz from the movie world is the similarities between Baahubali and The Lion King. People asking is Baahubali is really a copy of Lion King and here’s 5 Shocking similarities between Baahubali and The Lion King movie.
First one is the Big Introduction in Baahubali 2, were Sivakami introduces Baahubali’s son to the people of Mahishmathi Kingdom. The scene is very much similar to the introduction scene of young prince in Lion King.

Second one is the look of Villain’s in both movies, even the scars around the eye is same.



Third one is really interesting as it comes with the look of Kattappa played by Satyaraj. The wise men in Lion King’s is look like similar with white beard. But he doesn’t killed Lion King that the difference.



Fourth similarity is come’s with the families raised both the prices from Baahubali and Lion King. They were both not blood related.



Last one is the introduction of love scene, in both movies female character first hate other one and finally come’s in love after a fight.


Both movies narrates the story of a prince, who came back to the Kingdom and revenges the killer of his father. So is it a copy or just coinsidence ?? You can decide.

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