Actor Surya Slapped a Boy in Public ?

A youngster from Chennai has filed a case against Tamil actor Surya for slapping him. The incident is happened during an altercation on the road and the police have started the investigation procedures.

The boy, Premkumar has described the incident to the media and the video becoming viral in social medias. He saying, he was travelling on bike with one of his friend and his bike accidentally hit on a car, which applied sudden brake. A women driving that car stepped down and quarreled with them, Mean while Surya, who was passing by stepped out of his car and came there. He supported that women and slapped the boy. He then told the women to leave the spot and he also left from there.

But Surya’s Manager has explained the situation differently. After hitting bike, those boys harassed the women and Suriya questioned them and informed the Police. A tweet from that women is came,  in which she saying ” @Suriya_offl Thank you very very much for telling those two boys not to lay hands on me when they were abusing and threatening me yesterday

Suriya himself retweeted this msg along with wordings  ” In midst of all the drama appreciate your boldness for this message!! Respects!! Pls take care! Thank you All!

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