WeLoveMaheshBabu Hashtag becoming viral on Social Medias

#WeLoveMaheshBabu , it’s now viral hashtag among the popular social medias like Facebook and Twitter. Its like cyber was is going on among the Telugu superstar’s fans. The latest flick of Mahesh Babu , Brahmotsavam getting poor response from the viewers. The social media’s were filled with this failed attempt. Then fans of Mahesh Babu start their support to the actor by adding #WeLoveMaheshBabu tag.
Its now trending of Facebook and it say’s ” #WeLoveMaheshBabu: ‘Brahmotsavam’ fails to live up to hype, gets trashed on social media “
The issue became more after one of the leading news paper criticized the movie and the fans became very angry and they marched to the office. Then it started cyber war among different star fans, abusing and scolding each other.
“It is a vicious cyber war,” said one of the member of Movie Artists Association.”Tweets against actors are re tweeted thousands of times within hours. Facebook posts with derogatory messages get thousands of likes. One comment by fans of one actor is matched by more nasty comments by fans of other actors.”
Brahmotsavam was directed by Srikanth Addala, who previously done “Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu”. Which was a block buster but this time its not up to the mark. The fans were also super excited because Mahesh’s previous film Srimanthudu was a also a huge hit. That why this failure makes a let down for the fans.
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