Truth Behind the Viral Pic of Angurlata Deka Actress turned bjp MLA

Its been a while photos of  Assamese actress Angurlata Deka, who newly elected as BJP MLA is spreding on social medias. The photos titled as hottest women MLA of India. She won in the assembly election against the Congress party with a margin more than 6000 votes. It was from from Batadroba, a minority dominated seat.  Later her pics were the headlines of major papers and some of the photos were became viral among the social medias.
But actually who was in those photos? It was Sapna Vyas Patel, a fitness trainer from North. After several rumors, she herself posted on social media about this issue and clarified that its her pictures and not the MLA’s.
She wrote on twitter and Facebook : ” Some people are circulating this picture without knowing the truth. Share this truth on WhatsApp groups and other social media to make internet a believable source of information.”
She stated on the pic: “Some picture is making rounds on all over the internet as the picture of Assam MLA, Angoorlata Deka. But it’s not her picture. She’s Sapna Vyas Patel “
Here’s her facebook and instagram profile inks. You guys can also take a look and confirm that its not the MLA.
Instagram : @sapnavyaspatel
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